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It was a good flash, and while the graphics could be better, I think you reached the "Hardcore Propaganda" you were going for.

On a somewhat unrelated note, why are people saying Memorize's review is useless? It was very well throught out and I completely agree with all he says, because it's true. While this is a good flash, socialism is not freedom. Everyone has equal rights, I agree with that, but we here in america have them too, and plenty more. And while all men are created equal, they aren't always, rarely in fact, equal in how they act and what they do.

Can anyone here honestly say that a doctor, who payed TONS of money to go to medical school and spent 4 years training, should be payed the same as someone who sits in a gas station all day or someone who works in a factory and never even went to school? Someone who tried they best at everything they do should get payed the same amount as someone who never gave enough of a s*** to try? No, they shouldn't.

While Communism looks good on paper, everyone being equal, blah blah blah, when you think about it, it's only helping people who don't care and hurting people who do. Then again, most people in socialist countries are chosen for their job after a test, then recieve the proper training for it, so that makes a little more sense then carrying it out in a place like America, but that doesn't take away from that fact that someone with more training, doing a more difficult job, should be payed the same as someone doing a job with no training at all.

Well, went off on a bit of a rant there, didn't I? Ahh, but I digress, it's a very good flash, but I don't agree with the pupose.

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shows how useless magikarp is lol. Great, and I think it just plays those clips at random and never ends, right? MY favorite few were

Blue: Magikarp, use Hyper Beam! What do you mean you don't know hyper beam? Just use a splash attack!

Blue: Magi *phone rings* Hello? I'm kinda in the middle of something here... team rocket? team rocket can suck'a my balls, magikarp use splash attack.

Anyway, great. I love all of your flashes. It sucks your resigning flash for NG.

What are you, come kind of cosmonauts?

It was good and funny, the animation was also very smooth. But, if you couldn't tell by the little headline, the Ghostbusters referance made it! That movie is so great. Anyway, keep making good flashes, and I hope to see references to other great movies in your future works haha. *cough* Back to the Future *cough* haha

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Great game!

Fun, relaxing, and makes you think. Also innovative, never seen anything like it. I'm currently stuck on level 24. Looks like a pentagon, but that's clearly not right...

And to everyone below me: You're all thinking too hard about number 11! it's (SPOLIERS!!!!!!!!!)



Anyway, again, great game! I'll be coming back to this one some time soon!

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Could do with audio from MGS3, though.

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Super fun. Although easy at the beginning, it gets much tougher. by level 28, I had everything, and everything fully upgraded, and in the end had over 13,000 points. I must try the Custom scenario sometime. P.S.- I never died, my nerves were just too wrecked haha. Keep up the good work!

Suomaf responds:

Haha, thanks for your review, glad you liked it.

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This song is very good and very sad, reminds me of losing a family member. I know plenty of people said that already, but it's true. I went through that just recently... my grandma died... anyway, very good job...

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This song is so beautiful. You have such an amazing voice. I just randomly found your song "Softly I Sing" and I was compelled to listen to more. This is definately my favorite of your works! It's just breath-taking, the instruments and again your spectacular voice! My favorite verse has to be:
"My inspiration,
We're chasing the world on fire
Can you hear it?
The roar of a whole empire
Inspiration, we've chosen this path today
You've shown me the way".
I love this song so much. Anyone who doesn't like your singing is deaf. Your music is amazing and has compelled me to start working on a song from a while ago. It's honestly nothing like this, but this song reminded me how beautiful and meaningful music can be! Again, wonderful job, and please keep singing, for the benifit of all of us.

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Once again...

you create an epic, beautiful piece of music. No less is what I expect, maestro!

on an unrelated note, I just submitted an audio, it's not original, it's a cover, but I would love for such an expert to give his opinion!

Keep up the great work!

MaestroRage responds:

hey Bukkarooo. Reviewed your piece, I quite liked it! Thanks for sharing, welcome to the portal!

And I hope you don't start expecting too much, because I plan to eventually make a song so epic, so wondrous, that nobody will enjoy it! I shall call it, epic fail!


Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

Also I don't plan on making Epic Fail, it would kill me...

I'm going to stab you with bullets.

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