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Finally, I contribute!

2007-10-29 07:08:39 by Bukkarooo

Freakin' sweet! I just submitted my first thing EVER to newgrounds (other than reviews, of course). It is an audio called Funky Chameleon, as you'll find here in my profile page.

Some info: Give it a little to start up, I accidentaly made a silence at the beginning that lasts a couple seconds. Also, If your bored hearing the refrain throughout the first minute, skip to about 1:09, thats when we all start goin' on our funky solos! haha

***!!!This is not an original song, it is a cover! Please keep this in mind before reviewing or rating low! Look it up on youtube if you don't believe me.!!!***

Sorry if it's a little low quality, Rock 'n' Blues Academy (where it was recorded) doesn't have the best recording equipment.

I did the first guitar solo, there are 2, their just one after another. You'll be able to hear the difference. I honestly did bad on this (with my solo), but whatever, can't redo it,seeing as my friend who played the trumpet is, like, up in canada.